My name is Iris and I'm a mom of 2 from Tel-Aviv.
I'm always looking for small ways to improve my everyday life.
I am one of these women who always needs a hair band on their wrist. I like wearing my hair down, but as a busy mom, I always need a quick way to put my hair up. The only problem is: I HATE the way hair bands look on my wrist!

I've been looking for a solution for a while, and I ran into this cute little idea on one of my trips abroad: a bangle that holds my hair band! Genius!

I saw a few, but didn't really love the design. That's when I decided to create my own! I looked for a manufacturer and found a little family-owned jewelry factory in China, run by the women in the family :-) They created the bracelet I wanted for me, and made a large batch of it! 
I decided to buy the whole batch and bring it with me to Israel, for all of you to enjoy!

I hope you like it and that it improves your life in a small, but stylish way ♥